Before & After


Meet Rebecca. A beautiful young lady getting ready before her friend’s wedding. We all know how much effort we put into making our friend’s day special and my job is to help you not worry about your-self so that you can focus on taking care of all the other crazy details. One of my favorite must-do while on the job is to take before and after photos so that my client can see the transformation. It is incredible how much different you can look with just a bit of make-up to brighten your natural tones in less than 40min. Needless to say that Rebecca helped her friend walk down that aisle like a princess and she did not fall too far behind her-self!

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One thought on “Before & After

  1. This is a great before & after demonstration! I love her natural make-up, she looks so tired on the left but so sweet and lively on the right, great job! thanks for sharing!!

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